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Mahendra Prasad

PhD Candidate

Department of Political Science

University of California, Berkeley


Selected Works

Social Choice and the Value Alignment Problem, Artificial Intelligence Safety and Security,

Tentatively Accepted Subject To Revisions

On the Normative Uniqueness of Majority Rule: Generalizing May’s Theorem for Arrovian

Social Welfare Functions, American Journal of Political Science, Revise & Resubmit


Nicolas de Condorcet: The First Philosopher of the Intelligence Explosion Hypothesis, Mind,

Under Review

A Re-Interpretation of the Normative Foundations of Majority Rule, In Progress


Social Welfare Functions as Multi-Agent Sorting Algorithms, In Progress

Condorcet's Solution to Condorcet's Paradox, In Progress


Pedagogical Proofs: Simplifying the Normative Arguments for Majority Rule, In Progress

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